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We update our Facebook site for last-second class changes and updates.  We reserve the right to change the times of our classes if needed.

Monday  5:30am, noon, 5:30pm
Tuesday 5:30, noon, 5:30pm
Wednesday 5:30am, noon,  5:30pm
Thursday 5:30am, noon, 5:30pm
Friday 5:30, noon (MEGAWOD time please check Facebook)
Saturday 8 am

We run our classes off a program and do not currently have open gyms.  When coming to our classes we expect you to follow our programming.  We always scale according to your experience and ability.  If you have other skills that you want to spend extra time on ask a coach how this can be accomplished.

MEGAWOD is held occasionally on Friday mornings (time differs and is announced on Facebook) and is a longer version of our normal classes.  Attendees must be an individual that does not need much instruction due to the nature of the class.  If unsure please contact us for more information.

Our WOD's and strength are available on SUGARWOD and released at 9 pm the day before the workout (in theory).

We are a laid-back box and expect you to have a positive attitude and laugh at most of the coach's jokes.  

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