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New Members

Hey!  Your reading this so you must have some interest in this crossfit thing.  Crossfit can be intimidating at first.  There are acronyms, weights, loud banging, and exercises you may not have done since elementary school.  Don't sweat it.  There will be plenty of sweating in class.
Crossfit is basically  lifting weights and cardio mixed together for about an hour class.  The exercises vary everyday with an instructor to tell you when you are doing stuff right or wrong.  But they are not judging you, they are just there to help you improve.
We have every age group, in all sizes and shapes at our BOX (that is crossfit for gym).   We have really good athletes and individuals that have not worked out in awhile.  Every workout can be adjusted to your abilities (we call this scaling) and the coach will show you how to adjust your workout.
Our box has a small population  trying to improve their life styles and are all ready to help encourage you on your journey.  
You got this!  Watch this to give you an idea of what crossfit looks like to new members.
And the first class is free!!  Go to the question tab above and contact us if you have any questions.  
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